Easy Remedies to Resolve House (Bhava) Issues According to Vedic Astrology

Many times we make an appointment with an astrologer, consult with him, and get back to our day-to-day. But, how many of us follow the remedies suggested during the consultation in actuality? Hardly a few. Sometimes, the cost of a gemstone, the time required for a specific Mantra Chanting, or our ignorance/negligence holds us to following the remedies. And the outcome of astrological consultation remains Zero. So, if you are among the group and looking for easy astrological remedies to get rid of your life troubles, Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee, one of the top astrologers in North Kolkata has come to your rescue.

Here in this blog, he will share remedies house-wise (Bhava-related) that anyone can follow to ensure betterment in life. So, let’s carry on the discussion and find out some amazing behavioral astrological tips associated with the Karaka of houses.

Remedies for Houses (Bhava) in Your Horoscope

Similar to the remedies for the planets, there are remedies to reduce the impact of negative houses. Whether a house is weak, inflicted by malefic, or the house lord is hostile to your Lagna/Rashi lord, you can balance the energy by following behavioral remedies connected to each house (bhava). This way you can increase the positive effects that each house in the Kalpurush Kundali manifests. So, let us dig into the discussion.

Remedies for 1st House 

It is a Kendra house and Sun is the significator of this house. Stay active, do yoga, and follow a healthy life regime to stay on top of your health and increase the karaka of the 1st house. You can join yoga classes, gym, or pranayama classes to stay healthy and feel positive. Talk to yourself through a mirror, praise yourself, think good for yourself, and think positively. Get up early in the morning and go to bed early at night. Take a bath regularly, dress well, and feel refreshed.

Remedies for 2nd House

Our 2nd house is all about food, family, progeny, and wealth, and Jupiter is the significator of this house. So, to improve this house, you need to eat well, behave well with all of the family members, try to reduce unnecessary expenditures, and find a way to save more. Don’t let yourself indulge in quarrels and try to sustain a healthy environment by letting people speak their minds. Save first once you get your salary.

Remedies for 3rd House

It is an Upacchaya house and Mars is the significator. Try not to fight with your siblings and neighbors as well. You need to hone your skills with more learning, and practice, and by joining different classes/training programs that suit your pursuits. Be courageous, and bold, and work on your communication to improve the 3rd house karakas. If you find it difficult to communicate with others, join a club or group to get out of your fear.

Remedies for 4th House

The house of happiness and peace. If you have a strong relationship with your mother, the significator of the 4th house, the Moon is working well for you. But, if you find it hard to stay at home, work on your issues. Spend more time at home, with your mother, do cleaning, and beautify your home to improve the 4th house significance. It will help you stay happy and heal your emotional pain as well.

Remedies for 5th House

Jupiter is the significator of this house and this house deals with your intelligence, mental sharpness, and enthusiasm. Stay joyful and find the best thing to practice that helps you stay happy and expand. Whatever passion you have like dancing, drawing, acting, singing, or Mantra Chanting, do it to the fullest. The more you can live mentally happy the more you can flourish. Spend some time with children if possible.

Remedies for 6th House

The 6th House is governed by the taskmaster Saturn. So, if you feel lethargic, lack interest in doing your work, and follow your routine, bring Saturn and Mars (Two significators of this house) in. Be disciplined and complete your daily work without procrastination. Follow a healthy routine including your diet and everyday work. One or another way, you need to engage yourself in work to nullify the bad effects of the 6th house from your life.

Remedies for 7th House

Venus is the significator of this house. This is a house of partnership, business/marriage. If you want to have the best relationship with your partner, you need to learn how to communicate and listen to others. Whether you are married or you are in a partnership business, you need to be humble enough and provide importance to others’ opinions. Try to be open up rather than being envious and saying sorry to yourself.

Remedies for 8th House

Taskmaster and strict teacher Saturn is the significator of this house. It is the house of transformation, death, birth, sex, and inheritance. So, to achieve something big in your life, you need to be patient, flexible, and radical in your mind and thoughts. If you find it hard to accept changes, try meditation, yoga, or spiritual practice to transform your life for the good.

Remedies for 9th House

Jupiter is the significator of this house. This house deals with Dharma, higher education, and foreign travel. If you find problems with the areas of this house, visit the temple regularly. Respect your father, guru, and elderly members of your family. If it is possible then set off for a spiritual retreat.

Remedies for 10th House

Sun is the karaka of this house. The house is all about your social status, recognition, honor, and position in society. So, to improve the karaka of the house, participate in teamwork, support your teammates, and acknowledge their efforts. Attain social events and try to build up a strong social network.

Remedies for 11th House

Jupiter is the karaka of this house. To increase the positivity of the house find the 2nd way of income and profit. Try to maintain a healthy relationship with your elder siblings, participate in social causes, donate, and be respectful to the new people you meet.

Remedies for 12th House

Saturn and Ketu are the significators of this house. It is the house of the subconscious mind and your secrets. Try to find the way to moksha if you are deeply concentrated in a materialistic world. Do things to help others, take care of others, and do something for the destitute. Follow your ethics to excel in your personal and professional life.


If you find this blog helpful, please share your mind. And, if you want to understand the meaning of Bhava and Karaka and how they work in our day-to-day lives, meet the Top Astrologer in North Kolkata at your convenience. You will certainly get help.


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