6 Essential Tips for Buying Tradelines Safely and Effectively

Tradelines are a source of much curiosity as well as confusion in the realm of credit repair. Basically, a tradeline is a credit account that is recorded on your credit report.

When you purchase a tradeline, you are added as an authorized user to someone else’s credit account, preferably one with a long history of positive credit use and high credit limits. This can potentially improve your credit score by including the account’s positive payment history into your credit file.

Nevertheless, maneuvering through the tradeline market needs some consideration and care. This article provides six essential tips that will help you buy tradelines safely and effectively.

Find Reliable Providers

Getting reputable providers is the first step when buying tradelines. Look for companies with good track records, open business practices and positive customer reviews. Stay away from those whose online presence does not exist or make unrealistic promises.

Additionally, a reputable provider should give consultations so that you understand which tradelines would suit your needs without being coerced into making unnecessary purchases.

Know the Process and Your Rights

You need to know how the process works and what rights you have as a consumer before buying a tradeline. For example, be aware that credit information usage and reporting is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). 

Ensure the provider adheres to these rules. Moreover, understand the purchase terms and conditions such as warranties and what happens in case a tradeline fails to post on your credit report.

Come up with Budgets and Clear Objectives

Tradelines are priced differently, largely depending on their age or credit limit. Determine how much you can afford by setting a budget limit while at the same time identify clear objectives for your credit enhancement process. Do you want your score to increase by some points? 

Or maybe work on your credit utilization ratio? By identifying specific goals, it becomes easier to determine which tradeline will give you best value for money under different situations.

Find Reduced Prices on Tradelines

Some service providers offer cheap tradelines such as during off peak seasons or when they have promotional offers. Keep your eyes open for these opportunities to save money. 

Besides, some businesses give discounts to customers who purchase more than one tradeline or have bought from them before. Talk with the company representatives about possible discounts that can be obtained.

Watch Your Credit Report

Before you buy a tradeline and after you have bought it, make sure to monitor your credit report. Doing so will enable you not only to trace the effect of the tradeline but also catch any mistakes or unexpected changes in your credit history.

Monitoring programs from all three major credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion offer alerts for major changes in your report that will help you to always be informed about your credit health status.

Avoid Total Reliance on Tradelines

Even though tradelines make for a powerful credit repair instrument, their use must not be the only approach to repairing or building one’s credit. Keeping good credit score require timely payment of all bills, low credit card balances and maintaining several types of credit accounts.

Disappointment might follow where tradelines are used alone without incorporating the following basic principles of managing credit.


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