Key Challenges Faced by SCADA Integrators and How to Overcome Them

Supervisory control and data Acquisition (SCADA) is playing a crucial role in digital transformation of industries. It is as system that collect data and execute it for tasks like monitoring, supervision, and control. However, the increased usage of the real-time data rises the cyber security risks. Th heightened cyber security risks obviously have an imperative impact on the industry.

Hence, the SCADA integrators must focus on the best SCADA system that have best security features and controls for prevention.

Let’s delve into a thorough insight on the various challenges and how to overcome them. 

Challenges of SCADA system integrators

Cybercrime in SCADA

To be very precise, you cannot target one option when it is about the cybercrime of SCADA. Most of the hackers target any system from different aspects. They can utilize:

  1. Worms
  2. DDoS attacks
  3. Viruses

How to overcome: To overcome such high-risk security issues, it is best to implement encryption. Divide the network data into various segments and encrypt them. Also activate firewalls that would help in data leakage by creating boundaries between internal and external network.

Also, cybersecurity training should be mandatory for everyone managing the SCADA system. This would help in preventing the threats a lot.


Incompatible SCADA system can be a great challenge too.  SCADA system has various component and any interoperability issues can cause the entire system to crash. An incompatible system can result in data loss, inconsistencies, and data corruptions too. So, you must be quite aware of the compatibility issue of the SCADA system. Your SCADA integrator will take care of this part.

How to overcome: while going through the entire system, a clear concept of system integration is compulsory. Also choosing the right protocols and technological aids is required.

Integration of latest systems

There are many industries who are using outdated SCADA system. But these systems are more prone to cyber-attacks. Most of the hackers often target these kinds of backdated system for attacks.

Integrating latest technologically updated system would be a tough task. But a skilled SCADA integrator can help you. Software and hardware upgradation requires significant investment as well reskilling the employees too.

How to overcome: Go through a detailed assessment of the existing system. Find out the lacks and overcome them with the latest advancements. Start with the most critical component and then proceed to the lesser important ones. This would help in assessing the entire system in chronological order.


In today’s world SCADA integration is a crucial part in industrial automation. The integration of this system gives way to better decision making  and making best usage of the resources.  No doubt they are leading to increased productivity, enhanced efficiency, and better safety. But you can never ignore the challenges too. With the best practices and measures, surely overcoming them is not a big deal. Choose the best SCADA integrators who train and teach the best possible way to operate it in right way.


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