Nutriza: Your Trusted Contract Supplement and Private Label Manufacturer in Canada

Dietary supplements have greatly increased in popularity among customers looking to boost their overall wellness in the quickly growing health and wellness sector. Businesses are looking for dependable contract manufacturers to provide the rising demand for premium supplements in Canada. Nutriza. takes pleasure in being a reliable partner for all of your supplement manufacturing needs as an industry leader.

Manufacturers of contract supplements in Canada:

Within Nutriza We are aware that every client has different needs. We have the knowledge to meet your unique needs, whether you need custom formulations or want to pick from our wide variety of pre-existing recipes. Our team of highly qualified experts is dedicated to provide thorough support at every stage of the production process, from idea to packing.

Manufacturers of private-label supplements in Canada:

Private labelling is an economical and successful way for a company to build its brand in the dietary supplement industry. Private Label Supplement Manufacturers in Canada is Nutriza Inc.’s area of expertise, giving you the chance to customize your goods and establish a distinctive presence in the market.

You can select from a wide range of dietary supplements, including protein powders, herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals, using our private label services. plus, more. You can choose the ideal formulas and packaging style to best represent your business with our professional advice. With the goal of ensuring a seamless private label manufacturing experience, we take pleasure in providing flexibility, rapid turnaround times, and outstanding customer support.

Canadian Prosource nutritional supplements:

The need for reliable nutritional supplements keeps rising as customers become more health-conscious. Prosource is a company renowned for its dedication to quality and effectiveness, and Nutriza Inc. is honoured to be affiliated with it. We adhere to their exacting criteria to develop goods that are consistent with Prosource’s stellar reputation for excellence as an authorised manufacturer of Prosource nutritional supplements in Canada.

We are able to provide a large selection of superior nutritional supplements created to address a variety of health needs thanks to our cooperation with Prosource. wellbeing requirements. Whether your target market consists of athletes, fitness fanatics, or people looking to improve their general vitality, our Prosource solutions are designed to produce outcomes that are supported by science.

Manufacturers of supplements in Canada:

Beyond manufacturing, we provide additional services including product labelling, packaging, and regulatory compliance advice as part of our commitment to excellence. We make an effort to help our clients through the intricate regulatory environment because we recognise how important it is to be compliant with Health Canada standards.


In terms of contracts Nutriza Inc. emerges as a trustworthy and experienced partner in Canada’s private label and supplement manufacturing industries. We are committed to assisting companies succeed in the cutthroat supplement market by placing a strong emphasis on quality, innovation, and customer happiness. In addition, our partnership with Prosource enables us to provide a selection of high-quality nutritional supplements that appeal to clients who are health-conscious. Select Nutriza Inc. as your supplement manufacturer, and allow us to work with you to realise your goals while protecting the safety of your clients.


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