Fix the error retrieving data. wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again.

Retrieving Data” function. When connecting to external data sources, such as databases, web services, or other data connections, Microsoft Excel frequently displays the error notice “Wait a Few Seconds.” You can follow the procedures listed below to troubleshoot and resolve this error:

Make Sure You Have a Stable and Active Internet Connection by Checking Your Internet Connection. This error can occasionally happen if a network issue prevents access to the data source.

Make that the external data source you are attempting to connect to is active by checking its availability. Check that the database or web service is reachable from your network if it is.

Update Your Data Connection:

In Excel, select the “Data” tab.
In the “Connections” group, locate the connection that is the problem.
To update the data, select “Refresh All”. You might need to change the connection if this doesn’t work.

Data connection edit:

The “Workbook Queries” pane can be accessed by clicking the “Data” tab, followed by the “Queries & Connections” button.

Select “Edit” by performing a right-click on the problematic query or connection.
Examine the connection settings, paying attention to server addresses, login information, and other pertinent information.

After making any necessary adjustments, try refreshing the connection once more.

Check Query Parameters: Make sure all query parameters are properly specified if you’re using Power Query to obtain data. The retrieval procedure may be impacted by these parameters.

Make sure Microsoft Excel and any relevant add-ins are up to date by checking for updates. Updates occasionally resolve problems that are already known.

Temporary Files and Cache: Excel’s temporary files and cache can occasionally lead to problems. Consider deleting temporary files:

Exit Excel.

Enter “%temp%” by pressing “Win + R” and the “Enter” key. Delete the temporary Excel files.
Press “Win + R,” enter “%appdata%,” go to “MicrosoftExcel,” and purge the “XLSTART” folder’s contents.

Check to see whether your firewall or antivirus programme is preventing the data connection. If you want Excel to be able to access external data sources, you might need to set up exceptions.

Verify Data Source Permissions:

If the data source requires authentication, confirm that your login information is accurate and that you have the right access rights before proceeding.

Test Connection: The “Test Connection” option is available for some data connections. Use it to check the validity and functionality of the connection settings.

Restart Excel:

In certain cases, even shutting down and starting Excel again will help fix momentary issues.

If none of the aforementioned remedies work, you might need to contact Microsoft support or your IT department, particularly if the problem is connected to a specific data source. or the setup of a network.

To prevent any data loss, always make a backup of your work before making any significant changes to your data connections or settings.


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