The Importance of Responsive Design in Modern Website Development

Smart phone users are increasing day by day. Recent research shows that nearly 85% of the 8 billion population are mobile users. With the accessibility of the internet world at a very affordable rate, the mobile users are mostly accessing the web world through this device.

This piece of information is a huge scope for digital business landscape. Mobile is a device that is always with an individual. So, surfing for any information or services or even products can be done at any time from any place. Hence it shows a ray of hope for growth of the online business world.

But to get available from mobile device, a business website has to be responsive. Now a days most of the renowned and best website development company offers the responsive website for their clients.

If you are an owner of online business, then this blog is useful for you. We will introduce the concept of responsiveness and will also share some facts too.

Read this blog to know about it.

Understanding Responsive Designs

On April 21st of 2015, Google introduced the new algorithm which included the feature of the website’s mobile friendliness as the ranking factor. From then onwards, best website development company always suggest a business to have only one business website that is responsive.

Now what is the mobile friendly website?

It is a website that has a flexible layout which changes with the various screen sizes. Normally the websites are suited to fit on a desktop monitor.

But with the increasing mobile users, most of the us are now wanting to access the website through smaller devices. So, the introduction of the AMP concept, came to existence.

A responsive website has lots of benefits. Mostly it has a positive impact on the SEO and the customer’s conversion rates.

Let’s look at benefits of the responsive website:

Benefits of Responsive Design

Enhanced user experience

User’s need any information just at one click. And for this demand, mobile friendliness became popular.

This is why the responsive website is a must for every business. Surely, an enhanced user’s experience would create a positive impact on the business. Also, it creates a brand which can be entrusted and reliable. Easy navigation, quick page loading, and accessing CTA is very important to provide the enhanced user’s experience aiming for more profitable business.

Improved SEO performance

As the Google’s new algorithm for Search engine algorithm introduced, the websites got a huge different in SERPs ranks. It is due to many factors. Here are the factors:

  1. Boosted mobile traffic

As your business website get navigable through mobiles, more and more people would find you out. Moreover, a proper website layout would provide the enhanced user’s experience. Hence, they would come back again.

It would lead to boosted traffic to your website.

  1. Reduced bounce rates

Faster loading and easily navigable website would reduce the bounce rates too. Visitors would stay in your website for longer time. Lower bounce rate would make your website more sensible to Google and thus would impart a positive result on overall SEO result.

  1. Better ranks

With the higher traffic and reduced bounce rates, your business would create a brand and reliability. Maintaining the other SEO factors along with responsiveness would help in achieving higher ranks easily.

This would entirely help in higher conversion rate and better business profitability.


Till now we have been only focusing in business growth factor through responsiveness.

 But this same feature can also help in saving a lot of bucks too. A mobile friendly website would cut down the cost of developing and maintain a separate website for the mobile customers. A single website developed by best website development company can do everything.

Moreover, Business needs to focus on one side only with a single website. Even start-ups can get responsive websites with the WordPress themes.

Thus, it can be concluded as a cost-effective option for business owners.

Implementation of responsive design

Several website development companies make use of the different web design framework for implementation of responsive website. Some of the common frameworks mostly used are the Pure CSS, Skeleton, Montage (Javascript based framework), material UI, Bootstrap, Semantic UI etc.

Creating the suitable responsive web design is quite challenging if you don’t choose the right tool and framework.

Testing and optimization for optimal performance

Developing a responsive website is not the end of the journey. Testing that website and optimize them is a crucial step too. Testing tools like BrowserStack, CrossBrowser Testing, LambdaTest are available. These platforms allow you to run the website on real time device and check the different versions.

These tools help in overviewing any layout issues, navigation issues and accessing inconsistencies.

The Future Trend Of The Responsive Website

The rise of the Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are shaping the future of the responsive design. To deliver the best user’s experiences, several methodologies are being employed. Various technique like Lazy loading, Code Splitting, and caching are being used for faster loading and easier interaction.

Also focus on micro interaction and personalization features are evolving a new side of responsiveness. The implementation of these two features will be possible with the initiation of the AI and automation in website designing. The evolving needs of the users can be achieved by the best website development company through these futuristic approaches of chatbots.

AI-powered chatbots would assist the visitor to study their behavior and deliver a personalized result.


That’s what for now. We had discussed about the concept of responsiveness and its focused benefit on your business. Also, we discussed briefly about the implementation and testing of the website design frameworks. We have not missed out the future trends shaping the digital landscape of the website designing.

Surely responsive website design would unlock huge potential of websites by imparting the exceptional user’s experience. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog!


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