Three Considerations Before Quitting Your Job to Start a Tech Company

Embarking on starting a tech company can be exhilarating, filled with promises of innovation, success, and the freedom to be your boss. It’s a leap of faith that many individuals dream of taking. Still, before you say goodbye to your current job and dive headfirst into entrepreneurship, carefully consider a few crucial factors. Starting a tech company is a significant decision that requires thoughtful planning and preparation. This article will explore three critical considerations to help you transition from employee to tech startup founder with greater clarity and confidence. By thoroughly examining these factors, you can make an informed decision and set yourself up for a smoother and more successful entrepreneurial journey.

1)      Gain Proficiency in Product Management:

Initially, the concept of “management” and “product” in the same context may be unfamiliar. In the early stages of our business, you may need help managing product development, which can significantly delay your company’s growth. You may need to gain an understanding of turning business requirements into concise user stories and incorporating them into project roadmaps, posing a significant challenge to product development.

Enrol in a product management course as early as possible to avoid similar hurdles. Even if you have a technical co-founder, as the CEO, you must understand how to translate your vision into a product. Ultimately, you are responsible for your business and its outcomes.

The good news is that product management, even for big-picture thinkers, is a skill that can be acquired. You can pursue self-training through online platforms like Coursera and Udemy or opt for classroom-based courses at institutions like General Assembly. Find a mentor and embrace continuous learning. Prioritise developing product management skills before leaving your current job, as it may be more crucial than coding expertise for non-technical founders.

If you are starting a tech company, thoroughly research insurance for tech start-ups to ensure you are protected if things don’t quite go according to plan.

2)      Cultivate Digital Marketing Expertise:

Enrolled in an online course on conversion rate optimisation, hired a marketing consultant as a coach, and began experimenting. These steps allowed you to harness the power of internet marketing to attract customers effectively.

If you still need to work in digital marketing, develop a strong foundation before leaving your current job. Invest time in expanding your knowledge of digital marketing to create a sound plan and conduct initial research as the CEO of your tech company. This knowledge is essential regardless of whether your business targets consumers or other businesses. As a founder, you may need to act as your team’s initial digital marketer and have the proficiency to identify the right personnel for your team’s digital marketing needs.

3)      Exercise Patience Before Quitting Your Job:

Before fully committing to your business, work part-time for six months. Although establishing yourself as a founder who works full-time has advantages, quitting your job to launch your firm immediately may not be a good idea.

As a professional in the middle of your career, your life is likely filled with responsibilities such as mortgages, family commitments, and education expenses. To mitigate risks, consider developing a side business, creating a minimum viable product to test your idea, and pursuing initial revenue while fulfilling your daily commitments.


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