BusinessUnderstand Marriage Compatibility with Points Rarely Conferred During Kundli...

Understand Marriage Compatibility with Points Rarely Conferred During Kundli Matching


Marriages are made in Heaven – this iconic line seems true when you have held the right hand in your life. A marriage seems successful and happy when it runs till the end of your life. But, life goes upside down if differences of opinions, misunderstanding, and unreliability take place between you two. Luckily, astrology can help in advance when it is all about getting married to the person you love or your family has chosen for you. In this blog, we learn from a leading and also the best astrologer in Kolkata about marriage compatibility through the birth charts of the bride and the groom.

Modern Marriage Compatibility Points in Astrology

Apart from Ashta Koota Milan which is also widely known as the Kundli Matching technique, marriage compatibility depends on other factors visible in the birth charts of couples. Gone are those days, when only the Ashta Koota match steals the deal. Today, with the advancement of modern thinking and lifestyle, we need to delve into deep insights to understand whether the marriage will survive or not. No doubt, the Ashta Koota Match Process sustains its importance in astrology and natives. Still, we have to walk a few steps more to understand how to survive our marriage in today’s truly pragmatic and cut-throat age.

So, let’s wait no more and check out the points that should be considered while you are about to get married and thinking of birth chart compatibility rules.

  1. Personality Check: Yes, it is an important concept to get cleared before marriage. When two persons see the world differently and their thoughts are poles apart, they better not tie knots. When both partners are aggressive and both are rigid by their nature; it is hard to make a pair. Because compatibility counts on balance and understanding. When both feature the same characteristics, they mirror their nature and it is just not good for a healthy unionship.
  2. Family Value: Your married life cannot be happy until and unless you know the real value of family. Our second house represents our family values, worth, and the support we get from our family as well. Marriage is a social institution and two people start their own family tying knots. Hence, if one does not care about family and another is an extremely family-centered individual, the problem starts arising.

So, it is very important to check the 2nd house of the partners before they get married. The connection between the 2nd house lord and lagna lord plays an extremely important role in marriage. The affliction of Venus in the charts indicates less value for marriage and family as well.

  1. Progeny: For progeny or children, an astrologer checks the Nadi Koota in the Kundli Matching process. Today also, childbirth is considered one of the most essential factors for the families of couples. Childlessness is considered truly auspicious. Hence, with Nadi Koota, the 5th house in each chart of the would-be bride and groom should be taken care of. The element, nature, and lord of the 5th house should be taken into consideration when it is all about success and happiness for post-marital life.
  2. Wealth & Assets: Money is not everything but it is a sort of power. Hence, for a happy and blissful marriage, the financial status and its possibilities should be checked from both charts of the bride and groom. The reason why the house of income (2nd,6th, and 10th), house of desires (3rd, 7th, 11th), and house of expenses (12th) should be checked properly. Even, the condition of the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses and their connection with other houses should be checked to understand whether there is yoga for debt, losses, and expenses or not. Even, the connection for Dhan yoga is also taken into consideration to ensure a happy married life of a couple. We all know how financial stress impacts lives drastically in day-to-day life. Monetary prosperity is essential to have a happy Marriage.
  3. Religious Belief: In today’s world, this point might be considered less important. But, it has incomparable value. When you are about to marry, you must have a few similarities with the person you love or choose. If he/she is a theist and you are an atheist, it can create a mess shortly. A person with extreme belief in spirituality can spoil the essence of marriage. Nothing goes well when it reaches its extremity. Make sure, your partner is not extremist in religious matters or that you both share the same thoughts. Check the 9th house in your birth chart with the best astrologer in Kolkata to find out the depth of spirituality to evade issues in the future.
  4. Division of Work/Labor (Home & Office): Everything is good to a certain level, and professional life is not an exception. Life goes well when there is a balance between personal and professional spaces. Make sure, your partner knows how to make a balance between work and home. Let’s not be stereotyped. There is no rule that only women should maintain the household and children and men will go for work. Men and women both can participate in house chores and work to make money. Both must be understanding of their duties.

So, the relationship between the 1st house and the 10th house should be checked. If the 10th house rules over the 1st house, chances are there that the native will prioritize work over everything in life. The division of labor must be equalized. While both cannot take a seat at home together, again both cannot be workaholics. There should be a balance of work as well as a division of labor to maintain peace and happiness in married life.

  1. Health & Intimacy: Health is wealth. For a prosperous and happy married life health holds an important role. Next, comes intimacy. The reason why the Yoni Koota and Nadi Koota are seen during the Kundli Matching process. They hold a prime role in marriage compatibility.

In Conclusion, 

In this modern era, Guna or Koota Milan is not enough to sustain a healthy and happy marriage. The points which are discussed above hold equal importance to having a happy, compatible, and blissful marriage. So, once you visit the best astrologer in Kolkata, go for a proper analysis of the factors mentioned above to understand whether you are fit to spend your whole life with the person you have selected.


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