Mistakes Every Engineering Student Should Avoid in Their First Year

Students in the first year generally remain in their comfort zone during the first entire year. I have seen students regret squandering this time when they go for placements. They generally say if we wouldn’t have been casual towards our study in the first year of college then we would be placed at some better packages in FAANG companies or some MNCs. Look, how much time you spent on building the skill the much better you will be. Many times we miss out on assessing our strengths and weakness and where we stand for where we want to be and what amount of effort we need to put in to be in 1 to 5 per cent of top people. Persistent hard work will make you land any big tech job because there is cutthroat competition in the engineering line as there are few jobs that are chased by lakhs of students.

Work towards building the skills from day 1 of your college: You must learn skills that are specific to your core domain or domain where you want to be. Suppose you are in the mechanical branch and you want to work in an IT Company. Then you must start building your programming skills.

Change Your Learning Methodology: You must not do rote learning as It may look the only way but If you try to build your understanding by going into the details except just for knowing something from the surface or superfluously. This will help you build a grip on the subject matter.

Do Engage in extracurricular activity: Join some dramatic club or other clubs based on your interest and inclination. This will build your personality. You must explore yourself if you just have done your studies till now.

Focus on CGPA: Your college academic performance will matter a lot as many companies will look into your CGPA for rejected candidates. Most companies don’t prefer candidates with less than 70 CGPA.   

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